Administrative Console

Once you have created your account you are provided with an administrative console. You can log into your console at any time to manage the information available to your website visitors. You can..

  • Add or remove products/carriers
  • Select specific products to feature
  • Add marketing verbage to selected products
  • Configure options such as to hide/show commissions
  • Customize your web pages by changing color and adding text

Broker Requests

When a broker visits your web site and requests annuity information the request is forwarded to your marketing staff for follow up. All you need to do is enter the email address of your marketing department.  All broker requests are saved in your account and can be downloaded for future emailings.

Dashboard Access

Post news and messages to your visitors' dashboard.  When agents and brokers visit your site they will see these messages.  This is more effective than email since the message remains for the number of days you elect them to be visible.

Site Reporting

Annuity Illustration Reports: See the number of times an illustration was run for one of your annuity products.

SPIA Quotes Reports: Our SPIA reports track the total number of"quotes", that you back office personal has run, by carrier and product.

The administrator's console has dozens of site preferences you can set