Broker Recruiting and Management

Brokers will request access directly on your web site through a page we provide. You are notified by email with a link to the Broker's profile. Approve the Broker's access and specify which companies he/she will be able to access.

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Annuity Illustration System

Recruit more brokers by allowing them to run hypothetical fixed index annuity illustrations on your web site. When you register with us, we will create a link for your organization that you place on the home page of your web site.

Each broker who would like to run a hypothetical illustration or compare up to 10 products is required to register. When the broker registers, you get an email stating that the broker would like to run illustrations for the following companies. (Selected from the companies you have chosen.)

Through administrative access to your account you can "select" those companies which the broker can run. You have control over who has access and which companies' products they can illustrate.

By logging into your account you can see in "real time" what companies the broker is using and how many illustrations each broker has run.

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Broker Management

View, edit and search your registered brokers on line. Add brokers to your database using our easy file upload capability. Download your full list of brokers to import into your management systems or for email campaigns.