Pure Payouts® SPIA Quoting

SPIA Quotes

We have created a single sources spia quoting engine whereby your back office personal can enter client information once and generate multiple quotes simultaneously. Run Traditioanl Quotes, Split Annuities and Reverse Split Annuities!

Our unique approached to SPIA Quoting provides you with a hard copy quote generated by the carriers server. Accuracy, compliance issues and timeleness of your quote is never in question.

Multiple Quoting Options

  • Life Only, Life with Period Certain, Period Certain Quotes
  • Split Annuities - You Select the MYGA Products Combinations
  • Reverse Split Annuities - Solve for a specific payout amount.

A growing list of carriers

  • Allianz Life
  • Genworth Life
  • Symetra Life
  • Integrity Life
  • Protective Lif
  • RBC Life Insurance
  • West Coast Life

     Our SPIA Quotes Engine. A grid of choices, direct from the providers