Vision Annuity Illustrations

The Vision Illustrator® allows you to illustrate one product at a time, print the illustration, collect the forms required to write the case, email it to your client, and save the illustration to your client file for future use. It's fast and easy.

Illustration System Features

  • Select from over 300 Fixed Indexed Annuities in our database
  • Hypothetical Illustrations use actual market values dating back to 1950 (S&P500)
  • Illustrate "Lifetime Income Benefit Riders"
  • Illustrations use real product-specific calculations
  • Collect 'New Business Forms' and Email with your illustration Reports
  • Save illustrations in client's profile for reference

Illustration System Reports

  • Product performance using Best/Worst/Current periods of the underlying indices
  • Product and Account Ledgers
  • Systematic Withdrawals
  • Current and Guaranteed Values
  • Lifetime Income Withdrawal Benefit Riders