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Our Annuity Intelligence Suite of products brings to your website the annuity information to generate consumer leads. Once you subscribe to our "Retail Annuity" data feed and log in you will have access to manage your product features.

@i Annuity Intelligence Service

Annuity Rate Watch @i provides Annuity Retailers with the most extensive fixed Annuity Product Database on the web.

  • Detailed information on over 1,200 fixed annuities from over 80 different carriers
  • Advanced annuity search engine with over 20 search filters
  • Real-Time data
  • Pending Interest Rate Changes
  • Customize to fit your business

Evolve Your Business for the Technology Age

As an Annuity Retailer you can seamlessly integrate our products into your web site using our simple "cut & paste" approach." Simply register and create your account. We will immediately provide you with a unique URL to include in your web site. That's all there is to it, your web site will be up to date with

Design it Yourself

Once you log into your account through our Administrative Console you can select only those companies and products you want to display within your web site. Brand our customized platform for your business. Set preferences based on how you want to service your agents.

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