Annuity Retailers

Featured Products

With all the options available today in the Fixed Annuity market, point your clients in the right direction by designating your "Featured Products."  These products will display at the top of their respective annuity grid or they'll be highlighted within the grid.  You can even add your own custom note to appear with a product.  Aditionally when new interest rates are anounced they are posted as we receive them from the carrier and appear as Pending Rates Changes.

In addition to highlighting featured products in the grid, you get a "Featured Products" page.  This page will show all your featured products together in one place.

As rates and provisions change often, you can also change your Featured Products at any time using your administrator's console.

Featured Products can appear at the top of their grid

Featured Products can be highlighted within their grid

Add your own text to highlight a product

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