Annuity Illustrations

Our illustrator tools are the best in the industry. We have worked closely with carriers to provide the best accuracy and most detail for hypothetical illustrations available.

Illustrate over 300 Fixed Indexed Annuities with product-specific calculations and actual market values dating back to 1950 (for the S&P500).

Reports Available from Our Illustration System

  • Product Performance illustrating Best/Worst/Current periods of the underlying indices
  • Product Detail Ledgers
  • Account Ledgers and Account Summary
  • Best Performing Account Comparisons
  • Systematic Withdrawals
  • Current and Guaranteed Values
  • Lifetime Income Withdrawal Benefit Riders

Add Our Illustrator to your Website

You can easy add our illustration software to your website! When you subscribe to one of our illustration systems, we provide you with a unique "link" for your account. You place the illustration link of the home page of your web site and you're up and running!

Through your administrator's console, you can choose which carriers and products you want agents to be able to illustrate. In fact, you can specify PER AGENT which carriers they can run.

As A Recruiting Tool

When broker clicks on your link to run an illustration, the broker is required to register and select those Carriers he or she would like to run illustrations for. Your designated marketing contact receives an email stating that "John Q. Adams" requested to run illustration for the following companies.

Pick up the phone call them and if they are not appointed through your organization, you have the opportunity to recruit a new agent!

Illustration Reporting

Within your administrative console you can generate a report by agent showing the number of illustrations each agent runs month, by Carrier, by Product.

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